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Physiotherapy Equipment Sydney

Physiotherapy is a specialised form of treatment used to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, the treatment is used to improve mobility of the affected person. Conditions treated by physiotherapy include cardiothoracic, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions. Often, bad posture, being overweight, or accidents can give you such conditions.

Common physiotherapy techniques used in treatment include massage, remedial massage, manual therapies and electrotherapy.  If you are suffering from a more complicated condition, such as atrophied muscles, the physiotherapist may recommend specialised therapies such as electrotherapy.

There are many types of physiotherapy equipment used in a physiotherapy practice in Australia, and a massage table is often used for assessments prior to actual treatment.

Physiotherapy is a holistic therapy that uses massage and other types of manipulation to provide pain relief and enhanced joint flexibility to victims of sporting accidents and various physical conditions. Physiotherapists use movement and exercise, manual therapy, aquatic therapy and various other techniques such as hot and cold.

Sportsmen and athletes rely on physiotherapists to minimise the danger of their injuries and help them get back in the game as fast as possible. Meanwhile sufferers of joint afflictions such as arthritis benefit from improved joint movement and relief from pain.

Physiotherapist employs a number of techniques to achieve their aims including massage, remedial massage, manual therapies and electrotherapy. To do their job properly, they need the right professional physiotherpy equipment. Sydney vendors offer high quality items to suit every need.

Physiotherapy Equipment Options

Due to the range of techniques physiotherapists need to employ, the type of equipment used in physiotherapy has to be stronger and more stable and versatile than the portable type. This is because remedial and deep tissue massage use more force than other forms of massage.

As a physiotherapist often focuses on one part of the body such as the ankle, back or neck, itís important to be able to finely adjust the table to allow this. Physiotherapy tables often come in sections that permit positioning at desired angles.

In sophisticated models, control is through the use of foot controls that allow the therapist to easily adjust the table as needed during examinations and massage sessions. Meanwhile castors allow the table to be positioned anywhere and adjustable feet allow an even surface whatever the condition of the floor.

Whenever you buy physiotherapy equipment from Auspedic, your order is backed by a warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. We continually source new products so check back often to see whatís new on our site. Please call us on 02 9773 5588 for further information.